Employment Opportunity

Coaching, Support and Marketing

This is a mixed-activity position in a fast-grow edtech business, delivering support for children, parents and teachers around the world. You will have the opportunity to shape the job around your interests and career plan, while also becoming a world-leading expert in literacy.

In this role you will be coaching teachers and parents on how to support their children, as their children learn to read with our online lesson process called Easyread. We do that through our messaging system and on Skype. Over the months you will get to know the parents, teachers and some of the children quite well. You can see the sort of reviews we get on Facebook.

In addition you will be part of a small team running a global business, with plenty of other aspects of the organisation to get involved in. We are doing a lot of digital marketing, developing new digital products all the time, creating new training courses for parents and teachers and publishing new reading materials. You can learn how to contribute in those sorts of areas, while also working in our primary task.


There are certain things in life that are essential for reaching your full potential and reading fluently is one of them. But an amazing one-in-five children leaves school unable to read confidently in most developed countries. The situation is far worse in the developing world. It is a disaster for each child because it massively limits their options in life.

You will be intimately involved in the journey the learners take, from struggling with reading to being able to read fluently.  It is a very satisfying way to spend the day.

You will also see that we are working with customers all around the world. So there is an interesting mix of personalities and cultures within our customer group.

Primary Role

Coaching and supporting parents and teachers, so that they know how to guide their children to success with our unique learn-to-read process. We do this over the phone and via our internal messaging system.

Secondary Roles

You will be encouraged to follow your interests, whether they are leaning towards business admin, marketing, business development, data analysis, communication, copy writing, product design or anything else. 


You will need a degree-level qualification.

There is no requirement to have a background in education or literacy teaching. We can give you the training you need for that. 

Salary Etc…

The starting salary is £22-30K depending on experience. Part-time work will be paid pro-rata.

We take 5 weeks of holiday per annum, which includes a few days between Christmas and New Year, when we virtually shut down.

The office is at 29 Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2NP, although it is potentially possible to work from elsewhere at times.

There is the potential for flexibility in the working hours and several people in the company work a 4-day week. But it is normally a 9-5 routine.

The position is based on UK statutory employment law. There will be a six week initial trial, which can be extended by either party, if there are any doubts about the suitability of the candidate or the job.

Application Process

If you do like the sound of the job, then you need to send in an application with the following three elements:

  • Please include a CV with your employment history and education
  • Please draft a letter/email to an imaginary friend with a bright 7 year-old daughter who is struggling to read, on the reasons why you think it might be worth them giving the Easyread System a go.
  • Please also include a letter to me describing why you think you would be good at the primary role and what other areas you think that you would like to contribute to in the organisation.

Please send your application to davidm@dm-ed.com by 25th March 2018.

Please also send any questions you have to the email address above.


David Morgan