Employment Opportunity at DM Education


Program Advisor at an Edtech Company

Quezon City, Manila

Would you love to help parents and teachers see their struggling readers succeed? Do you thrive in a training or teaching capacity? If you are looking to make a difference in the area of literacy education, this could be your dream job. It is ideal for recent graduates in languages and/or English.

We are a small educational consultancy that runs a successful online intervention for struggling readers around the world. We are looking for a new support team member who is able to work 25-40 hours a week in Manila.

Our global HQ is in Oxford, England, and we have a software development team based in the South Triangle of Quezon City. Our plan is to start building a support team there too. Our current support team members are spread across the UK and USA.

The Role

You will spend the bulk of your time training and supporting parents and teachers both in writing and on the phone. You will be teaching them how to use our online reading program, and giving advice and consultation as needed.

You will have occasional online face-to-face interactions with the children using the online lessons too, when they are in need of specialist help.

This is an extremely rewarding process since turning struggling non-readers into readers is such a life-changing outcome for each child.

As a small company, we are renowned for our highly personalised customer service. So any team member must be totally confident speaking on the phone to others, and enjoy interpersonal interaction. Though we will fully train you in our system, you must feel confident taking a teaching/advisory role when speaking to a wide variety of people. And your writing must be clear and accurate.

All of the work is computer-based, so you must have up-to-date digital skills.

We will fully train you in the main causes of reading difficulty and issues around learning difficulties. So no teaching or educational background is required. However you should be a quick learner, as there is a lot to absorb in the first few months. It is an exciting process, but a very detailed one!

The initial training will happen in Oxford, UK. So you will need to be free to travel to England for 6-8 weeks. We will pay the travel and accommodation costs of the trip. Ongoing training will happen over video conference links and visits of UK staff to Manila.

There is a mix of other activities to get involved with at David Morgan Education, from developing new materials for our learners, to social media marketing. Some experience in social and digital marketing is a plus, but not a requirement for the role.

Personal Specifications

  • Degree-educated in languages or English
  • Perfect spoken and written English
  • Detail oriented
  • Interested in education/literacy
  • Very fast learner
  • Confident on the phone – really, you have to enjoy it! – interacting with parents in the UK, North America and Australasia.
  • Comfortable with a high degree of autonomy; after you are trained in the position you will be working directly with clients around the world
  • Highly computer literate
  • Willing to be self-employed and work from home or from the office in Quezon City
  • Some experience of digital marketing would be an advantage


We are not certain of the salary for this role because it is our first recruitment of this type in Manila. It will be in the region of PHP30K to PHP60K per month plus health insurance and other benefits. We will aim to pay well for the right person, but what that should be will depend on the conversations we have.

Application Process

This really is a great job for the right person, for these reasons:

  • You will be having a huge impact on the lives of people in a very difficult situation. So you will never need to question the meaning of your work.
  • You will become a world-leading expert on reading, writing and dyslexia.
  • It’s an easy-going, small office environment, both in Manila and in the dispersed support team.
  • There is the potential to expand into leadership within domains beyond your primary role.

So, first of all, if you are not feeling that it is potentially a dream job for you, please don’t apply! It would be a total waste for you to take the job.

If you do like the sound of the job, then you need to send in an application with the following three elements:

  1. Please include a basic CV with your employment history and education
  2. Please draft a letter/email to an imaginary friend with a bright 7 year-old daughter who is struggling to read, on the reasons why you think it might be worth them giving Easyread a go.
  3. Please also include a letter to me describing why you think you would be good at the primary role and what other areas you think that you could contribute to.

Please send your application to davidm@dm-ed.com with the subject heading Manila Support Position Application.

We are aiming to fill this position as soon as possible, but finding the right person is more important than the timing.

Please send any questions you have to the email address above.


David Morgan