Easyread 6-11 Lite Pricing

DM Easyread 6-11 “Lite”

As you know, our mission is to get every child reading. And yet, we also know that our pricing is too expensive for some families. Eventually the solution for that is school-based delivery. But we have pondered what can we do to help right now?

Well, our response is that we are running a test at the moment, to see if we can successfully offer a lower cost version of our process. We are letting some parents go through the system without the telephone support processes that we use in the full version. They are still getting full messaging support, but no routine telephone interviews and no Skype lessons to check in on how the lessons are going.

The thing is… we know that in some situations it will not lead to a good outcome. We often give critically important advice in the interviews, because people have not understood the training materials or their child has a more complex situation than average. The truth is that this is a complicated process to get right. If it was easy then it would have all been solved long ago. Our parents end up being mini literacy experts!

Reduced Cost, If You Qualify

So, what we are testing is to see if we can judge whether someone has been engaged with the training process enough to succeed without the telephone support and that their child is showing a very average set of patterns. We will only offer this option if both are the case.

Parents on the Lite version will pay 50% of the full cost.

How to Qualify

Here are the things that we will evaluate during the 10-Lesson Free Trial, in order to see whether we think you will succeed without our telephone support processes:

  1. Have we seen a regular lesson routine during the free trial
  2. Have the online training videos been watched successfully
  3. Is there a good awareness of the six main Easyread Golden Rules in the Phase 1 Interview

If all of that is in place and you feel you cannot afford the full version, then we will agree to put you onto the Lite version at the reduced pricing. You then just upgrade to a full account as normal and send us a request to change your billing routine to once every 8 weeks instead of each month.

Limited Time Test

This really is a test for us. If we feel it is not working well enough, we will withdraw it at any point. Of course the people already on the Lite version will continue, but we will stop signing people up for it. So, if you do go for it, please do your best to make it work, so that we can continue to offer this as an option!

Anyhow, you just do the Free Trial as normal and then we will sort all of this out in the Phase 1 interview, towards the end of the free trial.