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9 Causes Training for SENCOs, beginning 10th March

This training covers how the trainertext method works particularly well for reading and learning difficulties.

As SENCOS, many of the children under your care will have complex needs and will often struggle with reading quite significantly. At the end of the five weeks, you will have been equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of reading struggles and how to put support and intervention in place to overcome them.

For children with IEPs and EHCPs, for example, having a profound understanding of their individual needs can be the difference between great progress and continued difficulty. We will give you advice and tools to utilise TA support effectively and provide successful intervention.

Learning Outcomes

  • A comprehensive understanding of the 9 causes of reading difficulty
  • The ability to identify and differentiate the patterns of reading difficulties
  • Materials and strategies to support you and your team in your work
  • On-going support and advice by email and telephone

Reading difficulties are complex and can be frustrating but the good news is that this course gets to the heart of those challenges and shows you a way forward.

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Course: The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty


Session Dates: 10th March, 17th March, 24th March, 31st March, (Easter break), 21st April

Live Session Times: 4 - 4:30pm every Wednesday