DM Easyread 6-11 Pricing

DM Easyread Parent Pricing

What you get

Here’s what’s included:

  • A daily interactive lesson on our website with Trainertext decoding practice, games, and stories, all adjusted to fit your child’s needs.
  • Routine phone consultations, concise training and unlimited support, so that you feel properly guided.
  • Regular prizes for your child.
  • Guaranteed success promise, that you will see a clear change in 60-90 sessions.
  • Extra games for your child to play outside of lessons


The cost of our DM Easyread 6-11 subscription with the full support above is as follows:

  • Australia  –  $216 AUSD/month
  • Canada  –  $198 USD/month
  • Europe  –  £132/month
  • New Zealand  –  $237 NZD/month
  • United Kingdom  –  £132/month
  • United States  –  $198 USD/month
  • Rest of the world  –  $198 USD/month

The monthly prices include a discount to allow for time away from the Internet for holidays, being sick etc… We don’t stop and start subscriptions. It is more like a gym membership.

Getting started

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial to test out the process:

Sample lesson

We recommend you do a sample lesson right away, to see how your child finds it:


You will see a new attitude from Day 1 and growing confidence in the lessons over the first week. It will take 60-90 lessons for you to see that coming through to your child’s reading. And your child’s spelling will be showing clear changes within 120-150 lessons. Sometimes it can be a lot quicker. It just depends on the causes of difficulty we will be working through.

Cancel at any time

There are 223 lessons in the official course, but some parents feel the job is done after 60 and others have their child push through to lesson 360 and more. The average is around 110 lessons, which can be done in 4 months. Still got questions? See our FAQs page.

Comparing your alternatives

You can compare what we offer with our competitors. You won’t find any that deliver the same support and guaranteed promise of success.

It is roughly the same cost as a tutor, but with Easyread you get a daily structured Trainertext lesson which is fun and easy, a system that understands and adjusts to your child, unlimited support from us (including lessons on Skype when necessary), prizes for your child (which I can promise make a huge difference!) and an unconditional success guarantee so that you know you are not wasting your money. You will find that the stress of it all drops away, whereas with a weekly tutoring session you are left trying to work it out on your own for the other 6 days.

The “Do-Nothing Alternative”

There is clear data that the children falling behind at 7 are still behind at 11. Most then go on to leave school at 16 with very limited academic results.

In fact, a very surprising 50% of adults are held back by their literacy to some degree, often without them knowing it. You can see the OECD data on this here:

So the idea that it will all work out fine is usually wrong if you don’t try something new.

The best results of any system in the world

We are totally confident that Easyread is the best option for any struggling reader or speller, by quite a long way. We are confident that nobody knows more about how to help children with this than the team here and as a result nobody offers a guaranteed promise of success like ours.

Discount for brothers and sisters

We give a 20% discount for brothers and sisters joining the system.


We take your privacy very seriously. We will never share any of your details with a third party. You can check our privacy policy here.