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Easyread System for Schools

A new approach for struggling readers

The Easyread System for schools brings a new approach to reading difficulties, which is particularly powerful for visual learners. I hope you will take 5 minutes to explore what it can do for your school and those children. You can explore our innovative, research-based visual pictophonics approach here, or by watching the video overviews below.

How Easyread works

The system is designed to draw together the efforts of the school and home. So parents can log into their child’s school account to do lessons at weekends and during the holidays. This will not always happen, but has huge benefits when it does.

The Easyread online lessons take 10-15 minutes and need to be monitored by a trained facilitator. A one-on-one or two-on-one student:faculty ratio is recommended. We provide all the training necessary for success through an online training suite.

Expected reading age gain

You can expect it to take around 120 lessons for an average 8 year-old to catch up with their peers, starting from 1-2 years behind in reading age. You can see those research results reflected in the data collected by the Open University in their London trials.

A teaching consultant's review

A consultant with 20 years’ experience reviews Easyread.

Case Study: Cherwell Secondary School

Teachers share their Easyread feedback

Here are a few examples of the sort of results schools see, in both the elementary/primary and secondary settings. You can see other reviews from teachers here.

Easyread System Free Pilot Trials available

If you would like to give Easyread a go, we can set up a free pilot trial for you. Just get in touch.