Reading Help for 6-11 Year Olds

How to get reading progress in short sessions over the next few weeks

I really hope your child will join the growing crowd of children who are escaping the nightmare of reading difficulty with the help of the Easyread System. Easyread uses new technology that will make the journey much easier than before.

This is not just about reading progress. It is about fulfilling your potential. That is our passion for each child. So much so that we guarantee each parent and child a good outcome from our help.

Before we get into how we can do that, it is good to check if you are a good fit for what we do:

  1. Are you able to commit 15 minutes per day to help your child (5+ days per week)?
  2. Are you happy to follow our support and training process to get the best outcome?
  3. Do you have a 6-11 year-old child who you feel needs urgent help with their reading?

If the answer to the answer is yes to all three, good news! Just click below to hear how we can help:

If not, just get in touch to describe your situation and we can discuss it.

David Morgan and the Easyread Support Team