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What Are You Seeing?


Other Possibilities

If what you have just read does not fit your situation, have a look at the options below to see if any of them fit. If none of them fit, just click the button at the bottom to get in touch to discuss things. We are always happy to chat.

Check the list below for a match
My child is younger
We find some 3-5 year-olds do really well on Easyread. So it is worth giving the free trial a go. Be sure to give lots of support and praise. You can repeat lessons too and play with the printable resources we give you to interleave time with those between the lessons. If it is too hard to do now, you can always pause things and wait a while.
My child is older
We have lots of older children go through the process and get great results. However, it does mean talking it through and discussing whether your child is happy to give it a go, despite the fact that the format is for a 7 year-old. Our oldest student to date was 72, so technically there is not problem with getting a good outcome, it is more of an emotional issue.
I cannot commit the time to be there myself
I am afraid this is a big problem. We absolutely require a competent adult who has done our training process to do the lesson each day with each child. If that is not possible, we cannot recommend that you do the lessons.
We will not be able to do a daily lesson
The system will still work, but it is harder for the child to build good momentum. If you can manage 4+ per week it is fine. If you can only do 2-3, it is possible but it is not ideal.
My child does not fit the patterns you describe
Just get in touch via our contact page and describe what you have been seeing. We can then discuss whether we can help.