Extra Games to Play

TrainerText Creator

Generate TrainerText words from plain English.


Type Race

Type Race is a keyboard tutoring system, which will make the keyboard a lot more familiar in structured lessons:

Nonsense Word Reader

Some children find it hard not to sight read words. The nonsense word generator will help them practice decoding:

Secret Message Writer

Secret Message Writer allows you to write something in Easyread characters and print it out:

Tweety Spelling Game

Tweety develops the spelling and the handwriting, to build the muscle memory for different spellings. Works best on an iPad with a good stylus:

Super Search (sound-matching mode)

This version of our Super Search game requires you to find a picture which matches the first sound of a spoken word. It is designed to improve phonics skills.

Super Search (character revision mode)

This version of our Super Search game helps you revise the Easyread characters.

Mole Whacker

A game where you try to hit the angry moles (not the happy ones!) in order to improve your eye-tracking ability.


A pinball game to improve your reading ability.

Eyetracking Test

You can redo our eye-tracking test at any time. You can also download the information on our eye-tracking exercises and print out a fridge chart:

Easyread Eggi

Eggi is designed to exercise the eyetracking, but should only be a complement to the main eye-tracking exercises: