Technical First Aid


Fixing Technical Problems

Like any computer program, Easyread can have glitches. We can help you sort those, but the quickest is often to use the instructions below to fix them for yourself.

Here is a quick summary of what to do:

1) Part of the system is not working

We optimise our system to work best on Google’s Chrome browser. If you do not know what I mean by that, you are almost certainly using Internet Explorer, the browser supplied with Windows (the blue ‘e’). Anyhow, if you are using another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, the first step is to download Chrome from here.

It will download to the bottom left corner of your Internet browser window. Double click it and it should automatically install. You can then open Chrome and log back into the system. It should then work fine.

If you are already using Chrome, then it is possible that it has stored a corrupted version of a particular page or activity. The first step is to do a “Hard Refresh” by clicking CTRL and F5 at the same time on a PC, or CMD and SHIFT and R on a Mac.

If that does not work then try clearing your “temporary internet files” or “cache”. To do that go to the menu top right in Chrome (three little dots), select More Tools, select Delete Browsing Data, deselect everything except your Cached Files and press delete. Then go back into the lesson to see if the problem has gone away.

If none of that works, you can test whether WebGL is working on your computer here:

And there are some notes on getting WebGL working in Chrome here:

If none of that helps, then we suggest trying Firefox instead.

If you are still having problems, even with Firefox… let’s get onto Skype so that we can have a look from this end.

2) Games have problems in Full Screen Mode

If you have a slow computer, you may be better running everything in a normal window, rather than in full screen mode. Just press the “ESC” key to do that.

3) Can’t see all of the story

Check that your browser is set to a zoom level of 100% (ie no adjustment). The quickest way to reset that is to click on the page and press CTRL and the Zero key at the same time.

4) Video doesn’t work

School networks often block Youtube, who host our videos. You can either get that lifted by your IT or watch the video from home.

5) Coding in a word seems wrong

The coding above the words is originally based on Oxford English. In the story you have the option to adjust it regionally, but it is important to understand that we can only get it closer. Everyone has their own way of talking and our aim is to help the children to roughly the right pronunciation of each word. There will always be some you disagree with, although we constantly review it so please do send over any that you think are wrong! The key thing is that the huge inconsistencies in English like the words “gas”, “has” and “was” become easily decoded.

You have the option to change the coding of a word in the library by right clicking on it.

6) Forgotten Learner PIN

If you have forgotten a child’s PIN, go to your Admin Page and look it up there.

7) Account Blocked

At the end of a lesson your child’s account is blocked for 1 hour. This is to force a break. Easyread lessons are very short on purpose and the break (ideally over night) between them is very important.

Your account might also be blocked if your subscription has expired or we have put a block on lessons because an interview has not been done. Contact us to fix that.

8) Using the system on an iPad or Android tablet

We do not currently recommend using an iPad or Android tablet to access the lessons, but it is possible and works for 80% of the activities.

Our system requires Flash to run some activities, which is a problem on the iPad and on some Android tablets. However, there are apps that will add Flash support and allow access to the lessons. On the iPad, “Photon” and “iSwifter” are known to work, as is “Dolphin Browser” on Android. Our system has been designed to work well with a mouse, which presents some difficulty when running certain games on touch-screen devices, which is why we do not currently recommend using a tablet to do the lessons. However, the story section of the lesson will work on a tablet if you have Flash enabled, so it is possible to use an iPad or Android tablet if you are on holiday, for instance, and don’t have access to a normal computer.

We are currently working on a major update to the system that will not require Flash and will work well on touch-screen devices.