Easyread Baseline Assessment Process

Free Baseline Assessment + 10 Lessons

Before considering our Baseline Assessment and free lessons, be sure you have read the description and pricing for the main Easyread System process, to see that it makes sense to you.

Our Baseline Process works as follows:

  1. Assessment of reading and spelling patterns seen
  2. Analysis given on the likely underlying causes of frustration
  3. Training and support begins for you as a parent
  4. Your child starts doing the first ten lessons on the system (including prizes!)

The time it takes

Easyread will save you time, stress and heartache, but it is not magic. There is a tested process that we need your child to follow and we will need you to invest some time over the early days to understand how you should help your child.

You will need to set aside 15 minutes per day to do the lessons with your child and about an hour or two over the first week to do our early training. We need you to become part of our support team for your child.

If you do not have the time to do that right now, we recommend you wait until a moment that you can. You will then get a much quicker and better outcome.

Upgrading to the main Easyread System

If that all goes well and we think you and your child will do well on the system, you can begin the main Easyread System. If we do not think that you will get a good outcome, we will not recommend you to upgrade.

Please note that this free baseline assessment and lessons process is obviously an expensive investment on our part. So please only do it if you are in a position to use the system to help your child if it goes well.

Your privacy

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The first ten lessons and baseline assessments are completely free – we don’t even ask you to enter card details. For detail of the price of the full course after the that, click here.


You can check our FAQ or call us at any time to sort out any questions or difficulties you have.

We are here to help.

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