Reading Help for 6-11 Year-Olds

Great! You are in the right place.

So let’s get to the heart of things and set you up for the free trial. The best way to understand what we do is to do the free trial:

Supporting evidence

I am sure you have some doubts and questions, but I suggest you do the free trial to see how it all works. That is why we make it free, even though it is pretty expensive for us. Most parents do continue after the 10 lessons.

But you may want to see some evidence first, that we know what we are talking about. If that is the case, I recommend visiting our evidence page for more information about the scientific research behind our approach.

It also costs less

You will know that solutions to reading difficulty can be very, very expensive. They sometimes run into tens of thousands. We list most of the main alternatives to our approach here on the site (see below).

Even so, if you think about it, that is a fraction of the lifetime cost to your child of not reading, just in reduced salary. But those expensive systems usually don’t come with a guarantee of success. So they are a big gamble.

You will be glad to hear we are not anywhere near that sort of price! We do everything we can to achieve our mission (of helping every child to read and spell with confidence) and so our pricing reflects the costs involved in running and developing the system.

Alternative solutions for you to review

As you know, there are lots of lots of people addressing this issue. Some, like the Orton-Gillingham method, have been around for nearly 100 years. In fact, phonics was first developed by John Hart in 1570.

So feel free to try other stuff. We have listed your options below.

What we deliver here is not the cheapest thing you’ll ever purchase, we know. But keep us and our guarantee in mind, if you go another route and the alternative approach fails to deliver the right progress.