Extra Games

Games for Learning Trainertext Visual Phonics

Our popular Super Search (character-mode) helps children learn the trainertext character by spotting it in a crowd.
Character Paintball gives your child target practice while learning the trainertext characters!
Our Secret Message Writer gives kids great practice forming words just using the characters – no letters allowed! Perfect for learning the image set, and working on decoding/blending.
Our Trainertext Creator allows you to type in words, and get the trainertext visual phonics characters encoding. You can then press ctrl+P to print! Great for single words or spelling lists from school.

Games for Decoding/Blending Practice

Our Nonsense Word Reader is perfect for those kids with a guessing habit! Helps refine decoding skills and its good for a laugh too!
Super Search (sounds-mode) is perfect for developing auditory processing and blending strength, as children have to find an object that starts with a given sound.

Games for Eye-Tracking Development

Mole Whacker is super fun, and also beneficial for eye-tracking (a crucial element of reading development)

Eggi is designed to exercise the eyetracking, but should only be a complement to the main eye-tracking exercises.
You can redo our eye-tracking test at any time. You can also download the information on our eye-tracking exercises and print out a fridge chart.

Games for Spelling

Type Race is a keyboard tutoring system, which will make the keyboard a lot more familiar in structured lessons.
Tweety develops the spelling and the handwriting, to build the muscle memory for different spellings. Works best on an iPad with a good stylus.