Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Options

We know that Easyread can be a financial stretch for some parents. At the same time, all our income goes into delivering support for the product, maintaining our R&D and making contact with new potential users of Easyread. We don’t currently know of any way to reduce those costs.

The core of our approach is to achieve success for every child, whatever that takes. We do not want to extract processes from the system that are important for achieving that success.

However, there are multiple options that might be available to you, if it is hard to pay for Easyread from your free cash flow:

1 Credit Card – This is effectively a one-off expense (rather than a routine expense like gym membership or your broadband) and is clearly an investment in the future of your child. Therefore it is potentially something that is suitable to finance though your bank or credit card. This is definitely the quickest option.

2 School Support – We have a lot of parents getting financial support from their child’s school. The school know that the money will not be wasted because of our guarantee. So it is a financially sensible option for them, rather than spending money on extra support for several years.

3 School Account – Your child’s school can open an account and add your child as one of the learners on it. Just ask them to get in touch if they want to do that. The school account will need to be managed by someone who wants to be trained up by us in the school.

4 Grandparents – We have a lot of grandparents who are only too delighted to support a grandchild in this way. We have also had aunts and uncles pay for their nephews and nieces. This can be a loan or a gift.

5 Literacy charity – We have also had local literacy charities choose to finance Easyread for parents, either partially or fully.

6 Fundraiser – You or your child could run a fundraiser, either for a home account or in support of a school account.

One way or another, I am confident that anyone can find a route to achieving this, because it is so important for each child to escape any reading or spelling frustration. We are happy to help with that in any way we can.

Do the free trial first

On that basis, it is sometimes worth doing the free trial and then working out how to pay for it. You will then be finding the finance with the knowledge that the system seems to be working for your child. Many parents take a break between finishing the free trial and getting started.