Free Baseline Assessment & Trial Lessons

Free Baseline Assessment + 10 Lessons

Our Baseline Process works as follows:

  1. Assessment of reading and spelling patterns seen
  2. Analysis given on the underlying causes of frustration
  3. Training and support begins for you as a parent on how to help your child
  4. Your child does the first ten lessons of the Easyread System
  5. Immediate changes to the attitude and engagement of your child seen

The time required

You will need to set aside 15 minutes per day to do the lessons with your child and about an hour of your time over the first week to do our parent training.

Full support from reading specialists

Most parents are surprised by the level of support they receive. We will walk with you through the whole process, giving you constant guidance through our messaging system and over the phone.

Your guarantee of success

You will find any number of people offering to help your child. However, very few people will offer to guarantee you will see good progress. We do. You can check our unconditional guarantee here.

Your privacy

We hate spam too! We will never share your details with any third party, ever. Find out more…

System Pricing

The Baseline Assessment and analysis plus 10 trial lessons are free. If you feel things are going well, then you can continue with a monthly subscription. You can see our pricing in your local currency here.

Siblings get a 20% discount and a 10 day trial. We recommend you get the first learner to lesson 15 first, before starting a second child.

Holiday Discount Included: The monthly enrolment fee includes a discount for normal times away when busy, for weekend trips and even summer holidays. We do not stop and start subscriptions for those breaks.

Expected Progress

It normally takes 60-90 sessions to get the first key breakthrough of greater reading accuracy with short words.

Once that is achieved, we build up the reading fluency (with accuracy) over the next 30-40 lessons.

Then, changes in the spelling are usually starting to come through from around 120-150 sessions. Of course, we are delighted if these results all start coming through sooner!

Financial Assistance

Check out the options we would suggest if financing Easyread is a stretch.


You can check our FAQ or call us at any time to sort out any questions or difficulties you have. We are here to help.

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