The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty Book

New Solutions for Struggling Readers

Have you seen any patterns like these:

  • Lots of guessing with short easy words?
  • Reading a word on one page, but not on the next page?
  • Skipping of words or whole lines of text?
  • Struggling to sound out an unfamiliar word?
  • Meltdowns during reading sessions?

These are typical patterns that can easily be fixed. Each pattern is described in this new book, available on Amazon (see below). So you just look for what you have seen and then turn to that chapter.

Discover why your child is struggling

It can be baffling and worrying when a child who seems bright is struggling, especially with a task other children seem to find easy. But, there is no need to worry, I promise. There are simple reasons for a bright child to find reading hard, which are obvious once you see them. We have seen thousands of bright children turn this situation around in weeks.

The book will guide you through to the cause of difficulty for your child, based on the patterns you are seeing. It then suggests the quickest ways to overcome each issue, so that you can see normal progress again.

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Typical Parent Reviews:

The book discusses the 9 main causes of reading difficulties, and the science behind it, but in language that the average person can understand. Not only does it pinpoint the difficulties, but includes the solutions. This is the book I wish we had years ago!!! It is only when these solutions were applied did she begin to read. Dawn C, Amazon reviewer

This is a brilliant book: clearly laid out and underpinned by both science and empirical testing. I’ve watched my own son be transformed by these methods, and I can’t state strongly enough that the transformation has given him excellent reading abilities (where all other main approaches had failed). The one thing the book doesn’t quite capture is how fun they make it! I’ve gone from watching my child cry while trying to read, to having him beg to be allowed to do more. Highly, highly recommend… Mo, Amazon Reviewer

About the Authors

David Morgan has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Education. Before becoming a literacy specialist, he was a business manager, and before that a cavalry officer in the British Army. David is the founder of David Morgan Education, inventor of trainertext visual phonics, and creator of His life's work is to end illiteracy in children across the English-speaking world.

Sarah Forrest is a Program Advisor for David Morgan Education and contributor at She joined DM Ed in Oxford, England after studying Spanish lit at Yale University. She now lives in the sunny south of the United States with her two children, where she coaches parents and children through trainertext visual phonics.