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Help for Early Readers

Help your child to get ahead with reading

By giving your child the best possible foundation skills, you can see them crack reading early.

Reading is the most important skill your child will ever learn, but it’s also an incredibly hard one to master. Many parents are looking for new ways to get their children ahead from the start.

The All Aboard app is designed by literacy experts, and combines the following key principles to achieve the goal of reading progress.


  • Targeting the essential foundation reading skills, including phonemic awareness, letter recognition and blending
  • A visual approach which suits the children’s brains
  • Genuinely fun lessons for strong engagement and focus
  • Adaptive lessons which are just the right level for each individual learner

What you can expect from the All Aboard app

  • Quick, easy lessons made up of engaging games and activities
  • A unique visual phonics method proven to work better
  • Alphabet and phonics sounds covered comprehensively
  • Building of essential foundation reading skills: grapheme recognition, phonemic awareness, blending, memory 
  • Adapts to the right pace for your child
  • Variety of games which children love
  • Guilt-free screen time which is both fun AND educational
  • No ads
  • Free of charge

Short lessons for full engagement - on phone or tablet

Engaging young children in reading becomes easy when it’s made to be fun from the start, rather than daunting and stressful. All you need is your phone or tablet. You can open the app each day for a new, unique lesson made up of games and activities which target reading skills while giving the child fun, rewarding screen time.

Adapts to be just the right level for the child

Our focus is on moving forward at the pace of each child, without causing the stress and resistance that can build up so fast, when you use the older (and much more boring!) phonics methods. Every game adapts to the ability it senses, in real time during the play. That way every child is kept in a zone of gently challenging fun. That is how you can get the quickest progress for the individual, rather than some “average” child. If the level of challenge feels too high or too low for an individual learner, then the feedback we get from the learner also adjusts how challenging each game feels the next time it is played.

Free app with no ads

The daily 15-minute lesson is free, with the option to pay for a library of ebooks. We believe that children’s apps should not have ads, and so you will not find any in All Aboard. You will also find a classic design with gentle colours to achieve the right level of stimulation for the child. There are no annoying jingles or colour explosions to be found!

Essential foundation reading skills

All Aboard will assess how much your child already knows about letters and sounds and adapt accordingly.

The activities work on letter and sound recognition, phonemic awareness, blending, short term memory, word decoding and spelling. In other words, all the essential skills for having a strong foundation and the best chance of success with learning to read.

Getting started

You can get started today by downloading the beta version of the app. It is completely free - we just ask for any feedback you have at the end of each lesson.