Reading Help for 6-11 Year Olds

Test a new approach to reading

In the past three years every
child has made clear progress

Let me describe your child to you…

We have taught a lot of children to read. See if this is familiar:

  1. You have a bright child, who is interested in many things, but not reading. Your child loves listening to you reading books though!
  2. Your child has made some progress, but repeatedly guesses short, common words, sometimes after reading them on the very last page. You see your child read some long words fluently though, like magic.
  3. Your child’s progress seems to be slowing rather than accelerating. You are worried about a collapse of confidence. You may even feel that you are losing the bright, happy child you knew for the first 6 years.
  4. Your child’s spelling in free writing is totally atrocious, despite weeks and weeks of spelling lists! It’s like pushing water up a hill.
  5. You have been told to “…just do more reading practice“. But that is getting harder and harder, not easier. It might sometimes even turn into a battle.
  6. You love reading yourself and you may easily have another child who has been learning to read fine. So you really feel it is not about how you have been helping or how much reading your child has done. Something else is going on which remains unexplained.

Yes… you really are in a tough, worrying and puzzling situation. I was there too as a parent, by the way, many years ago. But I have good news for you.

We set out in 2008 to crush this problem, finally. We have succeeded.

My team has now worked with thousands and thousands of children showing exactly those patterns and in recent years every child has progressed well on the new systems we use. Then their spelling generally starts to take shape too, as a sort-of free bonus!

After years of R&D here in Oxford we can now guarantee (see below) that you can drop the worry and stress over the next few weeks. I can promise you that it will be fine, if you follow our simple instructions.

Learn why you are seeing these patterns

I think you are going to like this. An answer at last!

The reason your bright child is showing these frustrating patterns is because of the natural inclination your child has to memorise whole words visually, instead of leaning towards trying to decode them (from letters to sounds). That has allowed some progress, but has made all those short, interchangeable words very hard to get right. They all look the same! And the context often does not give it away. With long words the context often makes them obvious and so the guess works.

Often this pattern is triggered by a very strong visual memory (a situation we call optilexia). It can also come from a bit of glue ear when the child is very small, which delays the development of their auditory processing a bit.

Many of the children we help are actually some of the brightest in their class! It is a tragedy for them to be feeling inadequate. It is their super-bright visual learning style that has led them down the wrong path. They were not to know it was a dead end.

All we have to do is change that whole word technique and things will drop into place fairly quickly. Conventional phonics often does not achieve that, but our new trainertext visual phonics approach (TVP) does, every time.

In just 15 minutes per day of fun, easy online reading practice with our trainertext, you will see a new child, even from Day 1. We normally see a clear breakthrough in 60-90 days and full reading confidence developing soon after.

New century, new technology

When an approach has not worked after months or years, it’s time to try something new:

  • The old, 20th century methods have always failed lots of bright children.
  • Our system uses the child’s neural strengths to make it easy.
  • We have been testing and refining this system since 2008.

Complete support for you

While our lessons are online, our support is very human:

  • We will support and guide you all the way in our messaging system and over the phone.
  • You can talk to us at any time. Give us a call today for a chat!
  • Our mission is 100% success and we will do whatever is necessary to achieve that success for your child.

Free Assessment, Free Analysis & 10 Lesson Free Trial

We want to make this easy for you to test:

  • Free assessment of your child’s reading and spelling patterns.
  • Free analysis of what the cause of difficulty has been.
  • Free use of the system (with support & prizes) for ten lessons.

Motivation and fun for your child

If you have ever tried to drag a horse to water, you will know it is hard! And they don’t have to drink when they get there. So we aim to get your child wanting to do our lessons:

  • Most children enjoy the games and ask to do them.
  • They feel themselves succeeding for the first time with reading.
  • We have some good prizes, to reinforce that sense of success.

Guaranteed Success

We don’t want anyone to feel that they have wasted money on our systems and our mission is 100% success:

  • Check the details of our guarantee.
  • Last year we were asked for just 4 refunds per 1000 children.
  • We ramp our support until we get the right outcome for every child.

Evidence of Success

It is normal to be skeptical of the new and doubtful of the sort of bold claims we are making here. But here is some evidence to help you understand that it is real:

The Easyread System details

There is a lot of information on this site, but here are a few key elements:

  • Our new approach is called trainertext visual phonics (TVP). It is new and unique.
  • It helps a child decode words without confusing “phonic rules” (which often don’t work!).
  • Each lesson is just 15 minutes per day.
  • The lessons are online, so you can access them from anywhere.
  • We base a lot of the process around games and play.
  • Our support team will check everything is on track, throughout the process. This is a big part of the cost, but we have found it to be essential for 100% success.



  • The baseline assessment and first ten lessons are free.
  • The cost of Easyread after that is £132 per month, including all lessons, unlimited support, assessments and regular prizes for your child. This price includes a discount for the times you are away and go on holiday.
  • Siblings get a 20% discount (although we recommend waiting until you have reached lesson 30 before starting a second child.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Just click the link below to get started with your trial. There is no risk, credit card or cost involved and we totally respect your privacy. We never share details:


Just get in touch to discuss any questions or worries you have. We are here to help.

David Morgan and the Easyread Support Team

The Easyread Process:

Your child logs onto our site for 10-15 minutes each day,

DM Reading Fighter Mission word game
to play different games,
DM Reading spotter game
which combine our Trainertext method
Trainertext library
and a library of books.
That leads to success for your child and less stress for you!
DM Reading research data
Check out the results that are possible when development is research-based.