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I believe this is really working and helping her. 

I want to tell you that last night Jayla took several learning to read books without being asked and read all the stories by herself. I have had these books for two years and haven't been able to get her to even touch one never mind choose to read several. I believe...

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She is happy to pick up a book and read read read

How has progress been through the first half of the process and have we delivered on our unconditional promise of clear reading progress with normal books by lesson 90? ANSWER: it's been good. Alex's reading and writing is improving . She is happy to pick up a book...

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I was thrilled to see a difference already after lesson 12!

Just wanted to let you know Conor's teacher came up to me yesterday to say how he had noticed Conor's reading had improved and whatever we are doing at home to keep it up! I was thrilled and amazed to see a difference already after lesson 12! I'm looking forward to...

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We are really impressed!

Finn has improved immensely. The characters disappeared at lesson 60 when he went to a new book, and he is managing the reading section pretty well. We have noticed he has learnt to break the words up in a decoding fashion. We are really impressed! - S

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Our friends are amazed at his progress

It depends on the book, sometimes there are words that we need to explain, but I think he understands more and more each day. I love this program. Every Saturday our friend Kelly comes to us to help Benji learn reading and writing and she is amazed by the progress...

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No drama anymore…

It's fantastic. Really noticing a difference with Cameron’s reading. If he is unsure of a word, he now breaks it down and logically sounds it out. He still really enjoys the sessions and there is no drama getting him to sit down and do his daily session!

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I am delighted in James progress…

I am delighted in James progress. He still clearly finds it hard work, but he is definitely offering to read, which he hadn't done before and is transferring his ability to read to books. When I am reading a bedtime story to his brother, James asked to read the last...

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