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Firstly, I want to thank you for creating this system…

Firstly, I want to thank you for creating this system. We have seen a significant improvement in Kai's reading since beginning this system in May last year. We now feel he has reached a level that we are introducing daily reading through fun books to encourage...

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Leaps and bounds!

Freya has been making great progress with her decoding. Reading the books in the story section has been quite fluent and she has come on in leaps and bounds with her school reading too, with teachers remarking on her progress and confidence. She now seems to have...

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We are over the moon with his progress.

We are over the moon with Jacob's progress. He's recently had a reading assessment at school and he's jumped a level and is now classed as a 'free reader', reading age 10. He's done amazing!!!!! - D

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He really loves reading

We are really happy with Felix's progress and yes he is reading words much easier in his own reading books too. In fact he really loves reading and regularly wants to take charge to read the bedtime story. - M

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It does feel like something has suddenly clicked

I feel like we have suddenly had a bit of progress with reading outside of Easyread as Lennie has started to read to his sister and is seeming much more confident. The school also did some work with him on rhymes and he seems to have got that a bit better now. It does...

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One Amazing Program

I have raved to another mom with a struggling reader who pd $10,000 to fix it and still is struggling. I told her to add this to the lesson plan. I told her to try the free lessons and see how it goes. I really think this is one amazing program. I am also going to go...

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