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Simply amazing …

We are now on lesson 88 and the improvement in Evan's reading is amazing. He is now reading with ease and fluency and has no trouble at all reading the books in the Easyread library. He is also starting to read chapter books at home for enjoyment and is easily...

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Did I just read that? Wow!

Hugo's reading is going really well. The biggest change I have noticed recently is that he has a bigger repertoire of possible pronunciations for a given diagraph / trigraph, so that when he sounds out a difficult word which doesn't make sense the way he has...

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She can already see an improvement in my reading

To David, I have a learning support teacher called Mrs Read who has been trying to help me read - isn't that funny that her name is read too! Mrs Read has told me that she can already see an improvement in my reading - I told her it was because I now do EasyRead. From...

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Shocked at his test results!

Luca is on lesson 170 and has been working so hard in Easyread since we started. I have been so proud of him and have enjoyed seeing his reading develop. We had parents evening this week so I was intrigued to see what difference it was making at school. His teacher...

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She’s 3 days in & LOVING the programme

Thanks very much for a wonderful & engaging programme. She's 3 days in & LOVING the programme. She said tonight 'I thought this was going to be another boring thing like Bug Club, but I really love this Mum & I'm definitely getting more confident.' – K

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Truly impressive change in such a short time!

We were lucky enough to start Easyread when my son Dmitry has just turned 6. It was brought to our attention by his teacher that he was several levels behind in his reading and comprehension skills compared to where he should be for a grade 1 student (he is one of the...

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