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Building Literacy Excellence

In every school there are students who find reading more difficult than the average child. This can come to light even more following the Year 1 Phonics Screening. Not knowing the cause of reading difficulties can mean many hours spent for you and staff researching and trialling new strategies to hopefully help each child.

Over 5 short, weekly sessions, you will learn about the main causes of reading difficulty and what solutions to put in place. We will help remove the struggle in your classrooms with our tailored resources, support and advice, thus freeing up time for other parts of the curriculum.

It is a free training course, so get your colleagues to join us too. You can find the type of material we’ll be covering in our book, The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty, which is available from Amazon.

Learning Outcomes

  • A comprehensive understanding of the 9 causes of reading difficulty
  • The ability to identify patterns for each cause of difficulty
  • New strategies to deal with identified reading difficulties


For courses starting Sept/Oct 2021, please register your interest below. We’ll be in touch once we have fixed our schedule and dates for the new school year!

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Course: Building Literacy Excellence

Session: Sept/Oct 2021