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Spelling Help for 6-11 Year Olds

Why spelling lists don’t work, and how to get real progress, without stress or tears

You can test our unique approach to spelling on a free trial (see below). So if you are fed up with struggling, read on.

Have you done week after week of spelling lists with your child, only to find those words mangled in some free writing a couple of weeks later?

It feels like pushing water up a hill, doesn’t it?

Let me explain to you why that is happening and what the solution is.

But first, are you a good match for our solution?

I can quickly save you some time by checking if you fit the profile of someone we can help. Just have a look through these three statements to see if they describe you:


  • I have a child aged 6-11 who spells atrociously.
  • We have tried the conventional ways to help and they have not worked.
  • I want to try something new and I can commit to helping my child through a 10-15 minute daily lesson on most days, if my child is happy to do them.