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Alicia: From failed tutoring to Charlotte’s Web!

Before Easyread

Easyread for Alicia has been a Godsend. Prior to coming across Easyread, Alicia had a private tutor and although she was lovely we could not see any improvement in her reading nor her spelling in the year she had her. We had raised our concerns with the school but they lacked the resources and knowledge to help Alicia. It was by luck that I came across Easyread on the internet and having read the story about a little boy who had the same problems as Alicia with reading and how Easyread helped him, I knew this was the way forward.

The Easyread Process

Alicia loved the characters which enabled her to decode a word and the games she played, which without her realising, helped her learn. She loved to succeed and tried to beat her own score; this challenged her and in doing so encouraged her to do well. The only down side to this was that she would get upset if she didn’t achieve a particular score or lost a life in one of the games; then there was tears.

The library was great too as each time Alicia went up a shelf, it enabled her to monitor her own progress. The stories she found interesting, were read without much difficulties although others she struggled with only because she didn’t care much for the subject/stories but I understand that this is more to do with the individual’s interests.

As a parent, I found the training/guidance very helpful and reassured to know I could make contact if there were any issues. Whenever I spoke to staff, I found them to be friendly and helpful. I was also glad that they were monitoring Alicia’s progress and could give me advise.

The Results

I’m so pleased we signed Alicia up to Easyread because now at the end of the course she is a free reader and is reading Charlotte’s Web which she would never have been able to previously. Her spelling although not 100% is so much better and although not always correct, I have make out what she is trying to write whereas before, it was all foreign to me.

Easyread hasn’t just helped Alicia to improve her reading and spelling but has given her a feeling that she is on par to her peers. As she said today “I’m normal now”. It has given her the confidence which she lacked before and helped her grow not just academically but as a person. For us it was money well invested and I would highly recommend Easyread.

Alicia’s feedback: You might just think Easyread is just a program but it really helps. I enjoyed the games, its was fun. I was really bad at reading but as soon as I started Easyread, my reading was better and I understood the story much better. Out of 10 I would give this program a definite 10. Thank you for helping me!