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Ava wins “Reader of the Quarter” at school after 6 months of Easyread

Our daughter loved the idea of reading and had gotten an early start with phonics in Pre-K, but by the middle of 1st Grade she started really digging in her heels and reading only when absolutely necessary. As her parents we were frustrated, her teachers began to get frustrated, and our daughter just seemed to shut down whenever reading was required. We were completely baffled by her change in attitude until we found the EasyRead program. We discovered this amazing resource during the summer right before she started 2nd Grade–David and his staff were tremendously instrumental in helping us realize that all along our daughter had not truly been reading–that she had simply been memorizing every word as a “sight” word and that her reticence was symptomatic of her memory reaching its functional limit. They also helped us discover that she was experiencing trouble with vision alignment even though her ophthalmologist repeatedly told us she had no such issue.

We were skeptical about EasyRead’s ability to help undo our daughter’s habit of sight reading but as we signed up for the trial membership and she got enticed by the fun characters and games, we began to see improvement in her attitude almost immediately. At that point we were afraid to be too hopeful but we committed to sacrificing whatever necessary to keep her on such a positive path.

And boy, are we ever glad we did! The EasyRead program has been WORTH EVERY PENNY as far as we’re concerned. After recently finishing the 6-month program, our daughter was just awarded her school’s 2nd Grade “Reader of the Quarter” award for reading 728,374 words in the past 3 months! She is now well on her way to reaching her million word goal by the end of the school year and we find her reading nearly every chance she gets. (In 2nd Grade at her school they track number of adult-verified minutes read and in March she VOLUNTARILY read MORE THAN 74 HOURS–that never would have happened before EasyRead!)

We are hugely grateful for the EasyRead program and are so happy to recommend it to others, which we definitely intend to do!