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Elizabeth now reads chapter books and enjoys reading

The Backstory

Before using the easyread system, Elizabeth was struggling to read picture books and did not read chapter books in 4th grade. She said she hated reading and that didn’t consider herself a reader. I noticed Elizabeth skipping words and guessing easy words incorrectly throughout entire books. After doing poorly on a DIBELS test (reading test in the states) my concerns were confirmed. Elizabeth also struggled immensely with spelling.

Past Interventions Done

For reading, we tried reading along with her but that was very frustrating for Elizabeth because it felt so negative. I agreed since it would be very discouraging to always be missing words and being corrected to many times. For spelling we tried lots of different tricks for weekly spelling tests but those did not last after the test.


Easy read system was a life changer. From the start it gave Elizabeth hope to become a stronger reader. She really did want to read well and was motivated to improve. The program was so encouraging and positive and that was just what we needed. The short daily lessons were very much doable along with regular school homework and other school reading assignments. The games were fun even for an older student. Elizabeth’s spelling has improved as well. She may not ever be a stellar speller but, she has some new strategies that work for her. Also, Elizabeth now reads chapter books at her grade level and enjoys reading. I do not have to remind or convince her to read her school books, she chooses to read on her own now. The best moment was when I caught her staying up late in bed reading!!