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Fia: She now reads in bed on her own.

The Backstory

Firstly the difference in Fia’s reading from when she started Easyread last summer is amazing. She struggled breaking words down and guessed them and she read in a very broken fashion.

The Easyread Experience

Not only does she now know how to break the words down but a lot of the time doesn’t even need to do that, she just reads them fluently, in fact some words I would not expect her to know she just reads with ease. She does still get lazy and guesses some of the easier words but we usually find this is when she is rushing or not concentrating fully, once she slows down this is less of an issue. Fia still struggles with spellings and this is something we still need to work on a lot but it has improved too.

The Results

The most amazing part of this process only happened in the last month and this is that she now picks up a book and reads of her own free will on her own.

It didn’t matter how much she was enjoying a book we were reading with her, she just wouldn’t read it on her own but now we find her reading in bed in the morning and asking if she can continue reading on her own after we have read some of her bedtime book with her, to us this is amazing!

I know this is because she now finds reading easy and therefore enjoyable and we put that down to the Easyread programme.

Thank you very much for all your help and support, I am so glad we saw your advert on Facebook!