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Grangger: Discouragement and frustration are no longer a part of his reading.

The Backstory

My son has always struggled with reading, he could read smoothly if it was a level without difficult words but when challenging words would be presented in a text he would guess at the word and if wrong become very frustrated. Discouragement set in not only with his reading but it flowed into his writing and spelling as well. It seemed to me that there was something in his brain that just wasn’t connecting together like it had with my other children and their reading.

We were getting ready to go into his 6th grade year and had tried many different approaches and suggestions of ways to help him grow in his reading with little progress. With a heavy heart, as a parent wanting so desperately to help my child to succeed at reading, I prayerfully came across a web site,, how to help with dyslexia and make reading fun. After reading through the initial web site I was encouraged that there might be something that might really help my son to read. They not only described my son’s struggles with reading but they gave the cause and solution!

The Easyread Experience

My son and I quickly began the 10 free lessons. We were soon on our way to daily lessons with games and reading. Eight months into Easyread it had become part of our daily routine. We had good days and some challenging days with his lessons. When he had a difficult time with a lesson we would let Easyread know about it and they were quick to respond and help us through it. Like anything worth while in life we have to not give up and work hard. The difference with Easyread is that they know how to get to the root cause, build on it to help not just with reading but with writing, spelling and confidence. So the difference for my son and I is that we worked hard for many years with his reading but we were just “spinning our wheels” and only getting more and more discouraged. With Easyread I saw improvement in sounding out or decoding words. My son began to want to read things on his own, his confidence grew. I can’t express enough the joy and hope this program has brought to my son and myself, now and for his future. He still had a ways to go at this point but he was well on his way and he knew it and believed it as well as I did.

The Results

It’s now been a year since we started our lessons with Easyread and have completed the course! My son now chooses to pick up a book to read! Easyread is no longer a part of our daily schedule, we miss it because it became so much a part of our daily life but my son and I knew he no longer needed it. His reading continues to improve as well as his spelling and writing. Discouragement and frustration are no longer a part of his reading time or school work for that matter. What a huge difference the start of this school year has been compared to past years.

We are so thankful for Easyread – David Morgan, his great team and for the Lord who gave them the wisdom and knowledge.