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Kayley: Reading anxiety and frustration

The Backstory

Kayley was struggling with her reading and would get anxious when it was time for her to read. She was reading below her age and became frustrated when she did not know a word. She found spelling very difficult and she was spelling well below her age group. She was doing Toe by Toe on a weekly basis.

The Easyread Experience

The experience has been wonderful for us both. Kayley enjoyed the experience overall, although it was a little challenging for her at the beginning as she was getting to know the characters but she soon found that the characters helped her reading and she became an expert and her confidence started to build. The games helped her learning and progress and she thoroughly enjoyed spell drive, spotter, mole wacker and fighter mission.

The Results

I am very happy with Kayley’s progress and would highly recommend the Easyread system. At first we had to get used to the systems and remembering the golden rules, and it became routine without a bother. She was never bored and learning was fun. Her school teachers notice the changes and reported how much she had improved academically. Kayley’s reading and spelling have vastly improved. She had her yr 6 stats results last week and thanks to easy reading she has attained the expected standards. I am very proud of her hard work and grateful to David for developing the Easyread system, it’s amazing!!! We wish we had known about this earlier.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!