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Leah used to be told that she simply “wasn’t trying” with reading

The Backstory

Before Easyread, Leah and I were both told by several teachers that she simply “wasn’t trying”. The school thought she was being difficult although she was doing well in all of her other subjects. She would often guess at words and could memorize books until they got more complicated. There were times she wouldn’t know a short, common word but would get a long, complicated word correct. It was very confusing. She dreaded reading and avoided it. She had lots of school related anxiety, and life was difficult for us all.

We took Leah to a national private tutoring facility and she completed a (very expensive) year of intensive after school tutoring in 2nd and 3rd grade. She was also diagnosed with a visual processing disorder and completed a year of (also very expensive) vision therapy during this time.

The Easyread Experience

When I saw a David Morgan video on Facebook explaining how Easyread works, it seemed too good to be true. Hearing that there was a money back guarantee, a free trial, and that the results might be very good, very quickly, we decided to give this one last thing a try.

We started Easyread in the spring of Leah‘s third grade year. When she realized how short the lessons were and that she did not have to read long complicated passages before she was ready to do that, she was so very excited to do the Easyread program every day. I could immediately see that her confidence was increasing.

At that time she was testing at about a first grade level in terms of her reading. By the time school ended in June, her teacher could not contain his excitement to tell me that she had tested at grade level on her final reading assessment.

The Results

Leah no longer dreads school or reading. She knows that if she gets to a word she doesn’t know, she has the tools to figure it out now. She is very excited to help in the kitchen now, because she is able to read directions and ingredients for new recipes. She knows that the teachers telling her that she was lazy or that she wasn’t trying were not correct.

This program has changed my daughter’s life and by extension created so much more peace in our family. My only regret is that we did not find this program before we spent so much money on things that did not benefit her and overall created more frustration. We are so thankful to Easyread!