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Maria: Now reading the same books as her peers!

The Backstory

When Maria was struggling to learn to read in the conventional way at school I started to look for alternatives and stumbled across Easyread. I read lots of reviews and watched a video on YouTube. The system seemed expensive but as there was a guarantee of money back if it was not working we decided to go ahead. I don’t think we would have tried it without this guarantee.

Maria made some progress in those first 10 lessons and also enjoyed doing it, so we decided to continue. We are so pleased that we did as Maria progressed really well.

The Easyread Experience

Her confidence grew and she understood more and more sounds. Having to pay for the system kept us on track with doing the lessons regularly which in turn increased her progress, and her confidence.

Sometimes Maria didn’t want to do the lesson but as it was only a 10 minute lesson it was fairly easy to encourage her. On our summer holiday we had no access to the internet and Maria said “this is going to sound really weird but I miss Easyread”.

The code-words were a brilliant idea and Maria loved it when she got one, the packages arrived really quickly which was also great.
The training zone for me was great and I learnt a lot from it. The support was also great and help was always there if we needed it. Responses to the messages were fast.

The Results

Maria was so excited to get the final code-word and she mastered the helicopter within an hour!

Towards the end of the programme Maria’s spelling definitely improved. We thought about continuing with the programme, but as Maria has other areas of schoolwork that she needs to catch up with, we decided to go it alone. Maria is SO pleased to be reading the same books as the rest of her class. Thanks Easyread!