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Micah: Reading frustration, tears and underperformance in school

The Backstory

Before EasyRead my boy was struggling to learn reading with the methods being taught in his school. He was falling behind his classmates, losing confidence, and so distraught he was in tears. Our school goes by a alphabetical leveled reading. In 1st grade they expected to progress up to a level J, by the end of 2nd they should progress to a level M. At the start of 2nd grade Micah tested at a level F. He was required to read above that for school work, which is when he broke down in tears of frustration from it. His reading became more difficult and frustrating to him until we started him back on Easy Read. As a reference, a popular level F book would be Biscuit by Capucilli, level J book would be Cat In the Hat by Seuss, and level M book would be Freckle Juice by Blume.

The Easyread Experience

The decoding method used by EasyRead taught him quickly and easily how to start sounding words out, allowing him to finally make gains in reading. I think he was unaware a good portion of the time how much he was learning and progressing, the lessons are just made in a way that is easily enjoyable. And as a parent I have the added benefit of lessons for how to help my learning reader. I found that many of the things I pushed from the school were not helping him, I was highly frustrated every time he had to read something, and I just didn’t know what I could do to change things. EasyRead help put tools in my hands that allowed me to help my son better, see better what he was experiencing, and lowered my stress levels as well.

The Results

Micah has currently been reading in between the following two leveled readers; Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland at a level O, and Anne of Green Gables at level V. So in short Micah went from below level reading to above! He still struggles to show this in school, but that is partially because his tests have cognitive thinking questions (a.k.a. the answers are not something he has read in the story) and this is where he struggles. At home though I’ve been noticing Micah’s reading becoming more smooth and even just in the last couple of weeks. It’s an easily noticeable difference in consistency. The difference this program has made for him is extraordinary.

I would highly recommend the program to anyone who has a child struggling with catching on to reading at school. It has made a world of difference for us. Thank you EasyRead!