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Confidently reading above his grade level

It has been almost one year since my seven-year-old son started on David Morgan’s Easyread. The other day, I overheard him read aloud a chapter book, unprompted and unassisted, and could not believe how far he has come along with his reading—it is night and day. 

The Backstory

When he started Easyread at six years-old, he was a struggling reader who easily got frustrated and discouraged. He often read and wrote his letters backwards, and had trouble reading (more guessing) kindergarten/grade-one-level sight words. His day-school teacher diligently assigned sight words for him to memorize, which we practiced with little enthusiasm or progress. We also attended a weekly reading clinic, where a tutor read with him.

The Easyread Experience

We signed up for the free 10-day-trial when the schools first shut down. From lesson one, I could tell that this was a program that my son could engage in, and that I wouldn’t have trouble convincing him to do it with us. The program was inviting, fun and engaging, and perfectly timed—small, digestible bites for an easily-distracted child. The lessons were so appealing and cleverly disguised as “games.” As a parent, I also appreciated the very simple and clean layout—nothing gimmicky and flashy that can get in the way of learning.

The lessons are incredibly well laid out and sequenced, that the reading progress came very naturally. The buildup to reading longer text was so methodical, that my son never felt rushed or unprepared.

If there were any moments of struggle, the amazing staff at Easyread were only happy to help. From the regularly-scheduled phone consultations to extra meetings to troubleshoot a specific area of difficulty, the staff are there to help you succeed. There were genuine feedback and involvement. You get the sense that the staff at DM are also genuinely invested in seeing your child read with ease and confidence. My son happily read the encouraging letters from David that were included in his prize packs, and we all appreciated this touchpoint.

It does take time, patience, and parental involvement. This is something that both you and your child need to commit to doing, for 15 minutes every day, for as long as it takes. The cost was certainly of no small consideration for us, but I believe it is truly the one investment you can make in your child’s education and development where you will see the impact for the rest of his/her life. The ability to read, thanks to Easyread, has given my child the confidence, joy, and freedom that he was lacking as a struggling reader.

The Results

During lockdown and remote online learning, Easyread was the only program that we were able to keep up with consistency and enthusiasm. And now, with a confident seven-year-old who is reading above his grade level, we will forever be thankful to Easyread and highly recommend it to everyone!