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Rusty’s Story: Auditory Processing Disorder

1. What was reading practice and spelling like for Rusty before Easyread?

Before Easyread reading with Rusty was a battle. Our 8 year old would throw tantrums like a two year old and cry as the first challenging word he came across and just give up! We stopped reading with him every night because it was just not worth the battle.

2. What reading patterns were you seeing?

We spent a lot of money having Rusty assessed in almost all of the patterns you mentioned. We were told he has auditory processing disorders however never given a solution or a way forward even with this diagnosis!

3. What types of reading and spelling support had been tried with him before Easyread?

We had been through after school tutoring, our school had given additional classroom support and we were encouraged to try ‘Reading Eggs’ online program. All of these were to give more time to him reading, but we found none of them addressed the problem and I guess they were hoping it would figure itself out the more he tried! (not the case)

4. How was the day to day experience of working through the DM Easyread process like for you both? (the highs… and the lows!)

To my surprise, Rusty looked forward to doing his daily program and I had very little resistance. There was no bribery to get him to do it like with his reading. He loved the games and I don’t think even realized he was learning! He did get frustrated sometime with the re-reading but when I reached out and asked for help with it – the support and explanation that come back was enough for him to understand why it is important and so he accepted that was what he needed to do!

5. What have been the outcomes so far for Rusty, including any remaining frustrations?

Rusty now takes a book to bed each night to read. He does not want to read out loud to us and so I am not sure of the quality of reading he is doing by himself however I can see his improvements during the program and I am not going to compromise his enthusiasm to read by correcting him all the time, so I am happy to let him read. IF you had of told me 6 months ago he would be reading by himself in bed I would have laughed.