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List of Reading Interventions

Comparing your options

Here are the main alternatives to Easyread. We know it is hard to choose. So the two key points are:

1) We normally see the key breakthrough in around 60 lessons. We guarantee you will see it in 90 lessons. If you do the calculation, that is substantially cheaper than any of the main alternatives below, with no risk of wasting money.

2) By comparison, most of the options below are open-ended and have no guarantee of any useful result. You can spend an awful lot of money and get no clear, sustainable progress. So, at the very least, we recommend doing our free trial before throwing money into an alternative.


Fit Learning – $7000

Intensive one-on-one coaching for 2-5 hours per week at the company’s centers or online. Use a conventional phonics approach, combined with their Fit Learning Method. 

Fast ForWord – around $2000

Computer-based program using games and exercises using traditional phonics instruction and some auditory training. Accessed through a licensed learning center or a school subscription.

Lindamood Bell – up to $20,000

Intensive daily 4-hour sessions with a tutor at a Lindamood Bell center. Uses basic systematic phonics to build phonemic awareness through written activities and some speech articulation work.

Davis Dyslexia – $1500-$2000

“Holistic” approach to reading, mainly using creativity and visualisation methods, designed for children with dyslexia. 30 sessions of intensive consultation with a Davis practitioner.

Barton System – approx $2900

Parents train as Barton tutors to administer program to child. Builds phonemic awareness through levelled workbooks and ceramic tiles. Intensive mainly paper-based system used at home daily.


OG Tutor – average $60/hour

System developed in the 1930’s based on traditional systematic phonics. Delivered by a tutor in regular sessions. Very widely used for dyslexics, but research results are somewhat mixed.