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Easyread Printable Resources

Trainertext Visual Phonics Images

Print the images out, and see which your learner knows and doesn’t. Focus on refreshing the ones you don’t know, by going through them before each lesson until they are all familiar. Focus on the sound for each image, rather than just the image name.

Colo(u)ring Sheets

Pick up your crayons, and get going! Perfect for eager younger siblings too.

Printable Trainertext Creator

Put in your text, and the Trainertext Creator will spit out the characters for you to print! Great for working on spelling lists etc. Press Ctrl-P to print (or equivalent on Mac).

Printable Eye-Tracking Information

Our eye-tracking exercises can make a huge difference for a child struggling with visual difficulties. Download these to get started right away if we’ve alerted you that there is an issue.

Word/Sound Lists

Printables of the most common words encoded in Trainertext, plus common vowel sound combinations.


Please note that we retain all copyright on these images and they may only be printed out for the use of children who are subscribed to the Easyread System. They are not to be copied or used in any other way without the permission of David Morgan Education.