DM Easyread Printable Resources

1) DM Trainertext Images

Card Set:

Card Set Instructions: print the images out, cut them into cards and then see which your learner knows and doesn’t. Sort them into two piles (“known” and “unknown”) and then focus on the ones you don’t know, by going through them before each lesson until they are all familiar. Focus on the sound for each image, rather than just the image name.

>> Card Set US Letter-size

>> Card Set A4

Single Page Set:

>> All images on a single page

Colouring Activity Sheets

>> Under the Sea 

>> Outer Space

>> Playground

2) Eye-Tracking Information

Our eye-tracking exercises can make a huge difference for a child struggling with visual difficulties. Download these to get started right away if we’ve alerted you that there is an issue.

>> Eye-Tracking Exercises Instructions

>> Eye-Tracking Chart

3) High Frequency Word Lists

>> Top 100 Words (UK pronunciation)

>> Top 100 Words (US pronunciation)

>> Next 100 Words (UK pronunciation)

>> Next 100 Words (US pronunciation)

4) School Version Prize Certificates

>> Codeword SPLISH

>> Codeword FUNKY

>> Codeword JEEP

>> Codeword BRONZE

>> Codeword STRAW

>> Codeword STICKS

>> Codeword GRASS

>> Codeword APPLE

>> Codeword SILVER

>> Codeword SEAL

>> Codeword BULL

>> Codeword CAVE

>> Codeword HOUSE

>> Codeword GOLD

>> Codeword WATER

>> Codeword STREAM

>> Codeword FIRE


>> Codeword TENTENS


Please note that we retain all copyright on these images and they may only be printed out for the use of children who are subscribed to the DM Easyread System. They are not to be copied or used in any other way without the permission of DM Education.