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Referral Program

We are testing a new way to give something back to the parents helping us grow the Easyread family.

All you need to do is tell a friend about Easyread. We will then randomly pick a parent who has signed up this year, who has done at least ten lessons and who says they were introduced to us by a friend or contact. We will ask them who guided them to Easyread and… both families will win a holiday!

Neither family needs to have actually subscribed. Just doing the free trial is enough to count.

The holiday budget will be £4000 for each family, to make it a nice trip.

The draw will happen in December, so do keep telling people about Easyread until then! Each friend who does the free trial is another ticket in the lottery for you… as well as one for them!

Here is the link to the free trial, that you can copy and send to your friends: