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Keira: This was the program that changed my life.

Keira, now 17, completed Easyread in 2013 when she was 8 years old.

When I was in elementary school, I found school exceptionally hard. Reading was the worst thing that someone could ask me to do. Nothing made sense when I read, and no matter what program the public school system made me do to improve my reading, nothing helped.

However, after my mom did some research, she came across your reading program and enrolled me.

This was the program that changed my life.

I went from someone who could not read at all to someone who could read well, comprehend the text, and enjoy what was being takin in. This year, I will be completing my Grade 12 and I plan to go to university for an English major afterwards.

Thanks to this program, I can read and do it well.

A fellow reader,