How Holly Stopped Guessing and Started Reading

Easyread was like my wedding dress – I just knew it was right straight away.

Holly had become frustrated. She couldn’t just read books like her brother. Every word in the hellish reading scheme her school sent home was tricky. She would overuse picture cues, guess the words – yes! She had developed these cover up skills by the age of just 6. I was heartbroken and desperate for help.

When I found Easyread online, I was able to speak to the team directly and ask questions, which I liked, AND there was a free 10 day trial. Easyread worked on Holly’s decoding, but also her eye tracking issues and even helped her touch type. It is online and easy to follow, the games are fun, and the prizes that come through the post are a wonderful incentive.

Skip forward to last week, 5 months after starting her lessons. Her teacher called me in for a “chat”! She was a little lost for words, as was the reading specialist… they had never seen progress like it they had told me. Holly had smashed her phonics screening test gaining 38/40 and had been assessed as being at national expectation for her age – and yes I cried!

I don’t feel stressed about her any more. I have a tool and it works. I have no words to express the thanks for the support the Easyread team have given me. Holly now enjoys sitting up in bed reading to herself now. This is the biggest joy to watch.

It will work, if you work. Simple.