Help for Early Readers

Helping a Child Just Starting to Read

If you have a bright 5 year-old who has done some reading but is finding it hard, then you might do well together on our Easyread System for 6-11 year-olds. You can test the free trial to see. Easyread is a fully supported system with tutoring that gets to the bottom of why a child has been frustrated and turns that around fast.

However, if you have a 5 year-old who is just starting to learn the alphabet and sounds in the language, we are testing a new mobile app to help children with that process. It is called the Poop Deck (after the back deck of a ship where education used to happen). It uses some of the same techniques as the Easyread System, but goes much slower. The first ten lessons in Easyread take around 2-3 months on Poop Deck.

I hope the name is not too offensive! As you can probably tell, we try to make the learning process fun because that makes it a lot easier to achieve the best results. Boredom is like Kryptonite to learning.

If you want to be part of the testing team for the Poop Deck app, you can install a beta version of the app on your phone or tablet using the buttons below. All we ask is that you do give helpful feedback on whatever is good, bad or ugly! That is what will guide us into the future.


You will need to have the Apple appĀ Testflight installed on your device first. Testflight allows you to run beta test apps.

And we recommend setting it to do automatic updates (in the Testflight settings), because we are running new versions of the app every couple of weeks, bringing in new features and responding to feedback.

Then click the link below to install Poop Deck:


Here is the link to install Poop Deck on your Android device.

We strongly recommend setting the app to automatic updates because we are releasing new versions every couple of weeks, bringing in improvements and responding to the feedback we are getting:


The beta test app is completely free and is a fully functional literacy introduction with over 100 short lessons for you to do together. All we ask is that you give some quick feedback at the end of each lesson, so that we know what is working well and what could be improved. That is how we can keep making the app better and better.