Easyread for 3-5 Year Olds

Helping a 3-5 Year-Old Child

We are working on a new system, specially designed for 3-5 year-old children, which we aim to have ready in 2019. 

Playing Games on the Kitchen Table

You don’t need to use a computer in order to see progress with Trainertext. The first stage is to introduce all of our characters to your child:

Trainertext card set for free download

Trainertext card set for purchase on Amazon USA

Trainertext card set for purchase on Amazon UK

Once you have cracked that, you can play some games like these – download the PDF by clicking below:

Games to Play

Working with a 6 year old?

Take a free 10-lesson trial of the Easyread system for children ages 6+. Our baseline process includes 10 Easyread visual phonics lessons, a consultation with a reading specialist, and a couple prizes through the post for your child.