Easyread for 3-5 Year Olds

Helping a 3-5 Year-Old Child

We are working on a new system, specially designed for 3-5 year-old children, which we aim to have ready next year.

Right now, our suggestion is to test the free trial lessons on the 6-11 System. We have had some bright 3-5 year-olds do very well on it, especially if you give them lots of support.

Having Fun Together

There is no need for your child to do every bit of the lesson. If you are playing together on it, with you doing some of the mouse control and decoding the longer words, you can both have fun and get good results, with a lot less stress than trying to read a normal book.

You can see the details of the 6-11 Free Trial here:

Playing Games on the Kitchen Table

You don’t need to use a computer in order to see progress with Trainertext. The first stage is to introduce all of our characters to your child:

Trainertext Cardset

Once you have cracked that, you can play some games like these:

Games to Play