Creating a Teacher Training Base in Your School

Three easy steps to boost your school budget and staff income, with CPD courses run at your school.

Extra resources for the school are always useful. And a bit of extra income for key team members will always help keep them that bit happier! We can achieve both by working together to establish a CPD base at your school, for training teachers in your local area from other schools.

So here are the three steps:

Step 1 – Allocate a suitable delegate from your staff to attend one of our regional twilight training sessions on The 8 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty and get them to register below.

This will be a highly infomative session, followed by online consolidation training afterwards. See below for the sort of testimonials we receive for this training.

Step 2 – Once the post-training processes have been completed and your colleague is confident with the materials, you then offer a series of dates to host your own twilight sessions.

We will then promote those sessions to local schools, book the attendees and send an attendee list with a set of resources packs to you, prior to the training.

Step 3 – We will split the income from those trainings with you 50:50, after any direct costs and the £250 fee for your trainer.

Our standard twilight training session costs £150 +vat per delegate. So if we have say eleven delegates, the income to the school would be around £700. If you can host say four or five sessions in the year, the income will be £3000+ per annum. You choose how many sessions you can host, of course.

Multiple Benefits

There are lots of benefits to the school:

  1. Key employees can add a string to their bow and earn extra income from running the twilight training sessions.
  2. New professional development of the trainer, both in terms of their skill set and their effectiveness in the class.
  3. Improved satisfaction and retention of those key employees for the school, saving on churn and recruitment costs.
  4. Trickledown CPD through the rest of the team, at no cost.
  5. A new stream of income for the school, to deepen your available budgets for other projects. Your wish list can become a little bit more of a done list!

Minimal Hassle

The process for achieving this is straightforward. The three steps above are really all it takes.

Once you have a trained trainer in the school, we just agree a date for your first training and we will invite and register the delegates. Well, there are the biscuits to buy of course, but that really is it.

Cost of the Trainer Training

The cost of our standard twilight training is £150 per attendee. To be trained as a trainer is just a further £75.

So for £225 + VAT you can potentially generate £3,000+ per annum of new income for the school, with no further costs.

What People Say

We have been running trainings for several years and this is the sort of feedback we have had from those:

Very informative and useful.  The case studies, scientific background and scientific knowledge were all excellent. Very useful and definitely worth doing in order to help close the gap in children’s reading through greater understanding  of their needs.
– Emma Dove, Deputy Head, Hill View Primary, Banbury

Well presented by people who are passionate about what they do. Excellent content, clear  and interesting presentation.  It’s so nice to be on a course  with good hand-outs!
– Linda Druce, Teaching Assistant Cumnor Primary, Oxford

A great learning experience with information and resources to  use and apply in the classroom straight away. Perfect for  supporting vulnerable groups.”
– Emily nash, senCo St Luke’s C of E Primary, Maidenhead

Our Unconditional Guarantee

We are confident that whoever comes along for the initial training will be delighted with the content of the session. In fact, we are happy to guarantee that.

If your attendee has any question in their mind over whether the first twilight training has been worth the cost of the entire training process on its own, we will give a full refund at the end of that first element.

Next Step

If this plan is of interest, the next step is to register here on our site, through the form below.

We will then send you an email, as soon as we have a new date for that training in your area. If the date fits you can then reserve a place on it.

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