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Free training courses for schools

You can save time and energy every day by getting each child on track with their reading by the shortest path. But you can only do that by understanding the patterns you are seeing for each child. It is easy to apply interventions without seeing a change.

Are you seeing guessing with short words or long words, for instance? Those are indicating very different issues. What about skipping words? We have a little exercise will sort that in the next couple of weeks! This is the sort of practical information we can share with you.

So step 1 is to come onto one of our training courses. You will learn how to spot the little indicators for each cause of difficulty for an individual child. And we will also share what to do about it, once you are confident what is causing their frustration. For any questions or more details, get in touch with us at

Comments from teachers

The course is fantastic. It will really broaden your knowledge to what the child is having difficulty with and why, and without knowing that, you cannot effectively help them without understanding too.

– Christy Bailey, St Mark’s School, Farnborough

It is a very interesting course. It is a good way to help identify and understand children that need help with reading for whatever reason as there are so many causes.

– Fiona Whyte, Donnington Primary School, London