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Easyread has changed Joshua’s life!

We started noticing problems with Joshua’s reading in Year 1. He was not progressing and his teacher noticed that he was guessing many words. He had extra intervention with a staff member hearing Joshua read most days at school. This was expected to help his progress but it didn’t happen. His teacher didn’t understand what the problem was. We were also hearing him read regularly at home.

At the start of year 2, Joshua’s new teacher mentioned the possibility of dyslexia to us. I started researching this on the internet and came across Easyread. I read the “story of James” and it could have been written about Joshua. I knew then that we needed to give Easyread a try.

Our reading break through happened around lesson 75. Joshua read one of his school books to me from cover to cover and fluently. This was a very proud moment as prior to that Joshua rarely finished a book, normally due to frustration.

Easyread also picked up an eye-tracking problem, which we have managed to resolve with easy exercises.

We have now completed over 200 lessons and we are amazed at the reading progress Joshua has made. He has jumped 5 book bands at school and now can easily read difficult words. We hardly ever see him guessing and he now will read place names, signs or leaflets and enjoys reading. Thanks so much and I am so glad we found Easyread!!

I think the support you have given over the phone and Skype calls has also been excellent. Our main reason for starting Easyread was to help with Joshua’s reading and it has exceeded our expectations and am happy that we can continue to work on his spelling at home. It is harder to give feedback on Holly (Joshua’s older sister who also did the course) as her reading was generally ok to start with but she has enjoyed the Easyread lessons and it has helped keep harmony in the household as she was feeling jealous of the daily one to one time Joshua was having when he was the only one doing Easyread!!

Overall it has been a good experience and I honestly believe that it has changed Joshua’s life!! Thanks so much!