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Trainertext is the reading revolution you have been searching for. It’s a simple tool that will support your children’s reading development, like training wheels for riding a bike.

That’s right. Trainertext is a new approach that allows your children to work out any word, by turning the letters into sounds. In just days and weeks, you will start to see that becoming confident, accurate reading. It works every time.

We call the process trainertext visual phonics (TVP).

Click a link below to find out how to test some trainertext materials and see how the process works:

Learn why the brightest children often get into reading or spelling difficulties:

About DM Education

We are a team of researchers, based in Oxford (UK). Our approach is to learn by helping children overcome their difficulties. We have supported over 10,000 children all around the world, as they have made the journey from huge frustration to finding reading easy and enjoyable.

Every child is different and over the years we have isolated nine different possible causes of reading difficulty to track. As we help a child, we are constantly monitoring them for signs of those nine issues. We then give the help they need, personally.

As we learn from each child, we adapt the processes we have developed to incorporate that new knowledge. As a result, it is several years now since we have had a child who failed to learn to read when they have followed our processes through.