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The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty

You have to pinpoint what is CAUSING reading difficulty before you can fix it.

Many of the brightest children do often show patterns like guessing or skipping words, and they need a solution targeted specifically for their symptoms. We have taught thousands of children to read with our new processes and we have mapped 9 main causes of difficulty over the last 20 years. Virtually every child who comes to us fits into 1 or more of these categories.


Read the book to understand why any child is struggling, and how to help

Our short Amazon bestseller covers the actual causes of reading difficulty (like whole word sight-reading, eye-tracking issues, weak working memory, and more) – all for the cost of a couple of Starbucks coffees! You will discover how each cause is triggered in the brain, how to identify it, and how to fix it. Helpful symptom lists, free resources, and worksheet examples are included.

What are the 9 causes?

Pattern 1 — Optilexia

Guessing short words and poor spelling

The brightest children often show this pattern. They seem to progress at first, but keep guessing short easy words, even after years of practice.  Learn more

Pattern 2 — Poor Short-Term Memory

Struggling to decode long words

Does your child decode short words okay, but really struggle with long words? Read more.

Pattern 3 — Eye-Tracking Issues

Skipping words and whole lines of text

Around 30% of the children we help show signs of this. Learn more.

Pattern 4 — Auditory Process Weakness

Difficulty with blending sounds

Sometimes turning sounds into words is very hard for a child. Learn more.

Pattern 5 — Stress Spirals

Battles and meltdowns

Reading practice can often turn into a battle and then nothing gets learned. Learn more.

Want to learn about the other 4 causes? Check out the book!

Want to use a system which addresses all of these issues?