The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty


Why bright children often struggle to read

Have you seen guessing, skipping or reversals? They are all common patterns we can explain below. We have taught thousands of children to read with Easyread and have mapped the 9 main causes of difficulty.

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Pattern 1 — Guessing short words and poor spelling

The brightest children often show this pattern. They seem to progress at first, but keep guessing short easy words, even after years of practice.  Learn more

Pattern 2 — Struggling to decode long words

Does your child decode short words okay, but really struggle with long words? Read more.

Pattern 3 — Skipping words and whole lines of text

Around 30% of the children we help show signs of this. Learn more.

Pattern 4 – Difficulty with blending sounds

Sometimes turning sounds into words is very hard for a child. Learn more.

Pattern 5 – Battles and meltdowns

Reading practice can often turn into a battle and then nothing gets learned. Learn more.

Pattern 6 – Very poor fluency

Some children learn to decode words, but never become fluent readers. Learn more.

Pattern 7 – Words “moving around on the page”

You might see a child looking very uncomfortable looking at black text on a white page. Learn more.

Pattern 8 – Poor focus while trying to read

When we see this it is usually due to contrast sensitivity or eye tracking weakness. But it can also be triggered by some attention deficit. Learn more.

Pattern 9 – Good decoding but poor comprehension

Almost always we find good comprehension is developed when a child reads by decoding the words. But when there is a problem with comprehension, there is a simple explanation as to why. You can email us for more information.

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