The Easyread System

Introducing the Easyread System

The Easyread System is a new way to learn to read, using trainertext visual phonics.

For many years there has been a battle between conventional phonics and the whole word approach to literacy. Both get some success, but do not work for a substantial number of children. You can see the sorts for reasons why in our description on the eight causes of reading difficulty.

Trainertext visual phonics is a development of conventional phonics, which works with the strengths of the learner’s brain. All learning is a neurological process and so it makes sense to optimize the neurology of the learning process. We find it is particularly helpful for the more visual learners who tend to struggle with reading and spelling most.

Stress Free

Helping someone to learn to read can be very stressful for both the learner and the helper. So Easyread is designed to make the process a short, fun and easy process each day. Test our ten lesson free trial to see the difference:

Success Every Time

Our mission is to deliver a way for every child to learn to read. We view 99% success as a complete failure for the 1%. It is routine for us to achieve 100%. That is why the refund rate on our guarantee is around 0.3%.

You can see the sort of impact that has on children by flicking through our Facebook Reviews.

Free Trial

You can check out our pricing and ten lesson free trial from here: