Fun with Phonics

How to help a child to learn to read, by making phonics fun

Having fun with phonics is important. Anything you learn is easier if it is fun because boredom is death to education, especially with the young. Reading is so important that we need to do everything we can to make it easy and fun for the child. DM Easyread is based on making learning to read with phonics fun.

Phonics are naturally very, very boring. So it is quite a challenge to make phonics fun. Many phonics systems have childish pictures, but that does not make them fun.

Fun comes from many things, but in DM Easyread we focus on “game fun” and “silly joke fun”.

Some of the fun Trainertext visual phonics characters we have are the ants in pink pants, the bear with long hair, the duck covered in muck, the eggs with little legs… These are genuinely crazy and fun characters from a child’s point of view. We have tested them for their fun factor!

We then incorporate fun imagery. You won’t find many phonics systems with eggs that fart or queens looking green and being sick in a bucket. Love it or hate it, that is what children think is fun.

And we have games that engage the child in reading activities while they forget they are doing a reading lesson.

This all changes their whole attitude to reading and that is 50% of the task.

So test the latest reading help system for your child, today.