Phonic Deafness

Phonic deafness of the visual learner

This is the big one. Most visual learners find learning to read very hard and 80% of children “diagnosed” as dyslexic are in fact visual learners who have not grasped phonics.

The reason is that they start by learning the alphabet visually. They then learn some simple words visually.

They then look at an “early reader book” and look at the picture (more visual cues) and try to read the text visually, guessing the words that they don’t know. Any phonics they do at school will make little sense to them and will be ignored as irrelevant.

This situation can seem to be OK until the text gets too complex for this approach. At that stage you will see more and more wild guessing. Eventually the child’s confidence will collaps

The solution for phonic deafness

DM Easyread has been developed for exactly this situation.

We take the visual strength of the child and use it to help guide the child towards proper phonic decoding of the text. Take our free trial to see how we do that.

We don’t know of any other specific solution to this problem.