Easyread System Pricing


Easyread Pricing

What you get

Most parents are very surprised when they start by the support they get from us. Here’s what’s included:

  • A short daily interactive lesson on our website. This adapts to your child with Trainertext decoding practice, games, and stories, all adjusted to fit your child’s needs.
  • Routine phone consultations, concise training and unlimited support, so that you feel properly guided.
  • Regular prizes for your child. These are on a spy theme and they love them!
  • Guaranteed success promise, that you will see a clear change in 60-90 sessions.
  • Extra games for your child to play outside of lessons

Lowest pricing

Normally you pay more for something that works better than the alternatives. But Easyread is engineered to be more efficient as well as more effective. We normally see the key breakthrough in just 60 lessons and sometimes sooner.

The cost of this guaranteed turnaround to such a huge issue is just USD $50 / GBP £33 / AUSD $54 / NZD $60 per week.

We charge monthly and this price includes a discount to allow for time away from the Internet for holidays, being sick etc… We don’t pause subscriptions for normal holidays.

And you can stop at any time.

The true calculation

Of course we are not saying that anything costing hundreds is insignificant money for most of us. But is there any better gift to your child?

Our help generally ends up costing around $5-$10 per year of future happy reading. And being a good reader adds thousands to your likely income every year. Financially there literally is no better investment to give your child.

By contrast, any continued struggle with reading or spelling leads to daily stress and frustration for both of you. We can remove those emotions from Day 1 on the system.

Getting started

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial to test out the process:

Sample lesson

We recommend you do a sample lesson right away, to see how your child finds it:


You will see a new attitude from Day 1 and growing confidence in the lessons over the first week. It generally takes 60 lessons for you to see that coming through into your child’s reading. And your child’s spelling will be showing clear changes soon after that.

Cancel at any time

There are 223 lessons in the official course, but some parents feel the job is done after 60 and others have their child push through to lesson 360 and more. The average is around 110 lessons, which can be done in 4 months.

Questions and worries

Still got questions? See our FAQs page or get in touch.

Comparing your alternatives

You can compare what we offer with our competitors. You won’t find any that deliver the same support and guaranteed promise of success.

It is roughly the same cost as a tutor, but with Easyread you get help every day, instead of just once or twice a week. It is just better engineered for success and no tutor will guarantee an outcome.

The “Do-Nothing Alternative”

There is clear data that the children falling behind at 7 are usually still behind at 11. Most then go on to leave school at 16 with very limited academic results.

So the idea that it will all work out fine is usually wrong if you don’t try something new.

The best results of any system in the world

Our results make us totally confident that Easyread is the best option for any struggling reader or speller, by quite a long way. We are confident that nobody knows more about how to help children with this than the team here and as a result nobody offers a guaranteed promise of success like ours.

Discount for brothers and sisters

We give a 20% discount for brothers and sisters joining the system.


We take your privacy very seriously. We will never share any of your details with a third party. You can check our privacy policy here.