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Parent Information on Reading Help

Parent information: How to make the journey to reading easy for your child

I am so delighted you are reading this. Learning to read is critical for any child. I believe it should be a basic human right, but thousands of the brightest children struggle with it for years on end.

You will hear lots of conflicting opinions on how to help a child learn to read. The reason is that the two main systems that have been used for the past 200 years both often fail.

Over the past 15 years we have been developing a new approach, that we find works every time when we help a parent use it in the right way. We actually guarantee that for every parent and child. We have literally had 0% failure with the children we have worked with over the past few years.

No Phonic Rules

Hopefully your child has been taught some phonics. It is definitely better than no phonics. But conventional phonics has a big problem. It teaches reading by giving the child lots of rules for what sounds letters make. This is wrong for two reasons:

  1. The rules often do not work
  2. It is not how the brain learns a skill

Reading is a skill, like walking, talking and riding a bike. The reason we know that is because you are not conscious of how you are reading these words. They just pop off the screen at you! So you need to teach reading in the same way you teach a sport, or riding a bike.

No Sight Words

You will find “Sight Word” lists are a common part of almost all conventional reading systems. But, unfortunately they encourage exactly the wrong strategy for any child learning to read.

The big problem is that a child will often start memorising every word, which leads to deep problems later on as the number of words in a book increases. You will then start to see lots of guessing with short, common words.

Have you seen that guessing? Well we can eliminate that in just 60-90 sessions.

See For Yourself

You don’t need to take my word for this. We do a ten lesson free trial and I am confident you will see some big changes in just those ten lessons. First of all, your daily reading practice together will begin to seem fun and easy! No more stress and tears (thank goodness!).

If you want to give it a go, just click the free trial button below:

Our Pricing

If you like the free trial, you can then subscribe for daily lessons until your child’s reading is flying. It is roughly the same price as a local tutor.

You can check our pricing here:

Contact Us

We are here to help, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

The Easyread Process:

Your child logs onto our site for 10-15 minutes each day,

DM Reading Fighter Mission word game
to play different games,
DM Reading spotter game
which combine our Trainertext method
Trainertext library
and a library of books.
That leads to success for your child and less stress for you!
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