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Learning to read and spell


Learning to read and spell is made hard, even for bright children, just by how it is taught.

But you’ll see the stress fade away in our 10-lesson free trial.

The truth is, most children find learning to read and spell hard. And that is just because the teaching systems used are not optimised for how their brains work. This is particularly bad for dyslexics, but actually it is quite tough for almost any child.

We have developed a completely new approach which is optimised to be easy for your child’s brain to work with. You can see the academic research on it here. It harnesses the visual strength of your child’s brain to make reading and spelling seem easy.

You will see it starting to click for your child in the first ten lessons. We then guarantee that you will see a clear breakthrough in 60-90 short sessions.

Have you seen regular guessing?

One of the patterns we come across again and again is lots of guessing with short, easy words. You will often see a word read on one page, only for it to be a problem on the next page. It is very frustrating for everyone!

The reason you are seeing that is your child is trying to memorise whole words, rather than decoding them. That can lead to some word and letter flipping too. It always leads to very poor spelling in the free writing too.

You can check all the different causes of reading difficulty that we track. We find that you can only be sure of a good outcome if you have them all covered.

Short, easy lessons

You will find our lessons are short and seem very easy. That is how they are designed. Learning does not need to be hard. You will find the trainertext helps your child decode each word. Then, with 10-15 minutes of practice each day it starts to become a subconscious, automatic process.

We try to make it fun too. Most parents are amazed to find their child asking to do their lesson each day.

Also, because the lessons are 10-15 minutes and happen online, they are fairly easy to slot into the daily routine. Short, daily lessons are the way to get the best results for the least effort. You can test our lessons on a free trial account:

Lots of support

You will not be alone when you join the Easyread System. Our team of literacy experts will be checking on how things are going and you can ask a question any time.

We will also be giving you lots of training on how to get it right and we will discuss that with you every few weeks over the phone. The first interview is actually part of the free trial.

Guarantee of progress

We know it can be bewildering when you are surrounded by lots of conflicting opinions. So we try to cut through the waffle in 3 key ways:

  1. You can do a free trial to see the system for yourself.
  2. You can stop at any time. No small print.
  3. We give an unconditional guarantee of progress in 60-90 sessions

I was talking to a lady from a tutoring company the other day, who claimed great results (at a very high price). I asked if they offered to guarantee those results.  She just laughed at the idea! Her comment was “nobody could do that, of course”. Well actually we do because we do whatever is needed for each child to succeed. 100% success is our mission.

If you want to see the sort of results we get, you can have a look at our Facebook reviews or check the research done on our process.


This is a complex subject. If you are unsure of anything at all, just pick up the phone to chat or send us a message. We would be delighte to discuss the patterns you have seen and answer any other questions that you have: