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Monty: from reluctant reader to book lover

The Backstory

What was reading practice and spelling like for Monty before Easyread?

Frustrating. Following a homeschool curriculum based on phonics, we had a word list to work with every week. Monty was fine for the first few weeks we were studying, but as we added more words, it became evident he was memorising the word and not reading it. Words he knew last week escaped him, and he knew he used to know them but now he didn’t.

He became resistant to anything involving literacy, as he does not accept failure well.


Past Efforts

What other types of reading and spelling support had been tried with him before Easyread?

As it was preschool/kindergarten we had only used phonics as that is what the Australian curriculum preference for early literacy. I have read aloud to him since he was an infant. He knew his alphabet prior to organised schooling.


The Easyread Experience

What was the Easyread experience like for you both?

In a word, excellent! He enjoyed the online games from the initial 10 free lessons. Took to decoding readily and enthusiastically. After our first phone consultation, we added eye tracking exercises, and he improved exponentially. There is never any resistance or complaining when it’s time for Easyread lessons.


The Results

How is he finding reading now?

He reads everything. From street signs, to pamphlets, to public information/history signage on outings and museums etc., subtitles and credits on Tv and films.

He is reading grade 2-3 books and some mainly text novels (eg Enid Blyton) and and cartoons/graphic novels. (eg Asterix). He’s going through a rather annoying stage of spelling out answers to my questions, but I’m tolerating it, as “this too shall pass”.

He loves reading now and, as my husband and I are avid readers and collectors of books, this is an absolute joy to behold. He asked for a kindle for Christmas.